What’s on tonight: ‘Beartown’ brings Swedish crime drama to HBO

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    Baretown (HBO, 9:00 pm) – This is a Swedish crime drama based on Fredrik Backman’s bestselling novel, and follows a junior ice-hockey team dominating a small community after Peter, a retired pro hockey player. Who comes to Beerstown for a new city. Start. Looking at the color palette of the performance in the trailer, I am sure faced with a difficult time Twilight Jokes, but it is more clearly chilling. The show promises to explore hope and mystery and courage to go against the grain.

    9-1-1 (Fox, 8:00 pm) – By the time they experience a stream of the most bizarre, never-ending emergency calls, a firefighting firehouse comes to life for superstition 118.

    9-1-1: Lone Star (Fox, 9:00 pm) – Next on the spinoff starring Rob Lowe, Grace helps a united twin whose brother is about to get away, while Owen and TK must rescue the brothers from a minefield.

    Snowflake (TNT, 9:00 pm) – This week, Layton and Miss Audrey are both going to town on Big Ellis, but Sean Bean’s Mr. Willford has different views. Bean’s debut of this season gave the series momentum, so the time is still right to catch this ride.

    Investigation (HBO, 10:00 AM) – This Scandinavian limited drama series follows a real-life investigation into the murder of a Swedish journalist (Kim Wall) in 2001, becoming one of the most notorious criminal cases in Danish history Gaya (which was dubbed the “Submarine Case”). It is a homemade submarine (?), Apparently, and the series Oscar-nominated screenwriter and director Tober Lindholm (A war, Churner) Belongs to. This week, Swedish cadaver dogs are on the case, and they can detect carcasses well above sea level.

    Jimmy Kimmel Live! – Hugh Grant, Teona Paris, Traveler

    The late show with stephen colbert – Bill Gates, Tune-Yards

    The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon – Shailene Woodley, Henry Louis Jr., Canis Mobley

    Late Late Show with James Corden – Kristen Wiig, Annie Mumolo, Masego feat. Don toliver

    Late night with seth meyers – Sec. Pete Batigiag, The Hold Steady, Raghav Mehrotra


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