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A “Wheel of Fortune” contestant became the subject of discussion on Twitter on Thursday after he failed to solve some riddles.

Melanie Fischer of California first caught audience attention when she proudly informed host Pat Sajak that she graduated from college in just three years while maintaining a perfect 4.0 GPA. A few minutes later, however, Fischer laughed at the audience when she failed to solve a riddle that read, “_ _ L _ Y GOO _ FELLO W.”


Fischer miscalculated, “Jolly Goof fellow,” to which Sajak replied, “Uh, no.” Contestant JR then resolved it with the correct answer: “Jolly good fellow.”

Viewers at home couldn’t get enough of Fisher’s “goofy” and took to Twitter to share their reactions.

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“She guessed ‘Jolly Goof Fellow’ OMG sent me to class,” one user reacted With laughing emoji.

“Because he’s a Jolly Goof Fellow! #wheel of Fortune,” Another wrote on stage.

“The Jolly Goof Fellow Will Be at That Woman’s Tomb,” one more made fun of

“Jolly Goof fellow?? I can’t #WheelOfFortune,” reads another tweet.

Unfortunately for Fischer, his mistakes didn’t stop there. Later in the game, he misspelled “Wilks and the Sheep” for a riddle that was supposed to be “Wolf and Sheep”. Again, Twitter users couldn’t let it go.

“She guessed ‘Wilks and Sheep I’m dead,'” one user tweeted.

a person couple: “same ‘I went to college’ gal on #wheel of Fortune, ‘Wilks and Sheep’ was inferred from missing only O and V. And that friggin’ big winner. I need to try. Easy pickin’.”

“Wilks?!?!?!?! #wheel of Fortune,” tweeted another.

Despite the flubs, Fischer finished first for the game, making it to the final puzzle. He didn’t solve it correctly, but he did make $20,000 in total earnings.