When will Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram be back?

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Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram have all been shut down in a major outage.

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Such problems — especially after hours of running — likely indicate there’s a bigger problem with the technology underpinning Facebook’s services.

And it can go on for hours. In 2019, when it was experiencing its biggest outage ever, it was more than 24 hours from the beginning of the problem until Facebook resolved it.


What’s more, Facebook may never reveal exactly what’s causing the problems. After that record outage in 2019, it only said that the problems were “the result of a server configuration change”.

This time around, at least some of the problems are related to the Domain Name System, or DNS, which acts like a phone book for the Internet. When a user types in a web address — such as facebook.com — the computer must convert it to an IP address, which is a series of numbers, so that it can access the data that makes up the page you are visiting. want to see

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However, with Facebook down, that system isn’t working: The computer searches for the numbers it wants to see, but the numbers aren’t. Facebook’s servers should provide them, but the phone book is actually empty.

This means anyone trying to access the site will see an error code, depending on which browser they use. Apps may work a little differently — they’ll still show existing content, such as WhatsApp messages or Instagram posts — that have already been downloaded, but they won’t be able to ask Facebook’s servers for a new one.


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