When you can watch Netflix’s documentary on Princess Diana’s infamous interview

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    Long before Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex sat down for an exclusive interview with Media Personality Oprah Winfrey, Princess Diana gave an explosive interview about royal life and her marriage to Prince Charles.

    More than 25 years later, interviews with the Princess of Wales are still talked about today. And now, his candid conversation with journalist Martin Bashir is the subject of a new documentary aired on Netflix. Here when you can see Diana: The Interview That Shook the World.

    Princess Diana is being interviewed by Martin Bashir for the BBC ‘Panorama’ interview. © Gate Photo / Corbis / Corbis via Getty Image

    What did Diana say in her interview that shook the world

    Princess Diana’s Panorama The interview Her life took place on November 20, 1995, behind the palace walls, when she allowed TV cameras inside her home at Kensington Palace.

    During a conversation with Bashir, Diana talks about battling bulimia and depression. She It also questioned whether Prince Charles deserved to become king.

    The princess talked about her husband’s extramarital affair with Camilla Parker Bowles when she said the words, “Well, there were three of us at this wedding, so it was a bit crowded.”

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    The first documentary was broadcast in the UK

    Princess Diana's hands placed on her head during the 'Hot Panorama' interview.

    During the ‘Panorama’ interview, Princess Diana’s head is held up and her hand held by Matthew Pollock / Sigma / Sigma via Getty Images

    Diana: The Interview That Shook the World Initially aired in the UK in October 2020. After its premiere, the BBC launched an independent investigation into whether Bashir forged documents to show Princess Diana and gained her trust, along with her brother Earl Charles Spencer’s.

    Prince William supported the investigation and said in a statement Reuters This is called a “step to action” to uncover the “truth about actions” Panorama Interview. “

    In March 2021, the Metropolitan Police announced that Bashir had been cleared of any criminal liability in obtaining an interview. However, the investigation has not been fully done yet as new reports alleged that Bashir tried to convince Diana with a fake receipt to the princess that her children’s nanny Tiggy Lege-Bourke had an affair with Prince Charles Miscarried after a romantic relationship. There has never been any evidence or confirmation about the relationship between Charles and Lagge-Bourke.

    When it will be available on netflix

    Netflix logo

    Netflix logo | Chris Delmas / AFP via Getty Image

    Diana: The Interview That Shook the World Will be available for streaming on the platform on 11 April.

    The documentary takes a deep plunge into Diana’s interview with many royal writers and experts who see more than 22 million people listening to the princess in all those years.

    Those featured in the documentary include former Royal Correspondent Richard Kay for the Daily Mail, Richard Fitzwilliams, Royal Commentator, body language expert Judy James, Dickie Arbiter, former press secretary for Queen Elizabeth, and Paul Beryl, a former Butter from Princess Diana.

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