Where is Brian Laundrie?

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The FBI and police issued a search warrant on Monday morning at Brian Laundry’s home in Florida.

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Earlier, North Port Police said they had closed their search for Mr Laundry at the Carlton Reserve near the home where he is believed to have fled last week.

The remains of his girlfriend, Gabby Petito, were found in Wyoming National Park on Sunday.


Here is a timeline of events in connection with the police investigation of Mr. Laundry, 23.

Police say they have exhausted all avenues to find a reserve near Brian Laundry’s home, along with Gabby Petito

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Police say they have exhausted all avenues to find a reserve near Brian Laundry’s home, along with Gabby Petito

July 2 – Mr. Laundry and Gabby Petito are bound to head across the United States for a month-long “van-life” trip from New York.

12 August – The police are called to a “quarrel” between the couple in Moab, Utah. The couple had an argument after Ms Petito suffered a “mental health crisis”, according to body cameras and a written report from the police officer present. An apparently upset Ms. Petito pleads with officers not to arrest Mr. Laundry, and they part ways for the night. Ms. Petito stays with the van while Mr. Laundry is checked into a motel for the night.

Newly released body cam video shows Gabby Petito missing

August 24 – Ms. Petito and Mr. Laundry check out of the Salt Lake City Motel. This is the final confirmation of Ms. Petito being seen alive.

25 August – Ms Petito speaks with her mother, Nicole Schmidt, in her last confirmed communication with her family. She said she was on her way to Yellowstone National Park in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

30 August – Ms. Schmidt is sent text messages from her daughter’s phone, claiming she is in Yosemite. Ms Schmidt later says these are “fake”.

September 1 –Mr Laundry returns to his parents’ Florida home without Gabby Petito in a Ford Transit van the couple was traveling in the US.

September 10 – Gabby Petito’s mother texted Mr. Laundry and her mother, Roberta, but she says their texts were ignored.

September 11 – Ms Schmidt filed a missing persons report with Suffolk County Police and her daughter was declared missing.

Mr. Laundry and his family refused to cooperate with the police, and sent them to their family’s attorney, Steve Bertolino.

Late that night, the couple’s van was confiscated from the Laundry family home and taken for processing by the FBI.

North Port Police release photos of van seized from Mr Laundry’s home

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North Port Police release photos of van seized from Mr Laundry’s home

September 14 – Mr. Laundry leaves his parents’ house in a Ford Mustang and says he is going for a hike to the nearby Carlton Reserve. The 24,000-acre reserve is a popular hiking area.

15 September – Mr Laundry is named after a man of interest in the disappearance of his girlfriend.

At a press conference, police said the 23-year-old had “not made himself available for interview by investigators or provided any useful details.”

More details of Mr Laundry’s “hiking” trip will emerge a few days later. His parents Christopher and Roberta say that they went looking for Mr Laundry on 15 September when he failed to return home. They say that they found the car parked near the reserve.

According to the family’s attorney, Steven Bertolino, the laundry attorney, police placed a note on the vehicle asking it to be removed. He said that if he returns, he leaves the car there.

The Mustang reappears in the driveway on Wednesday, according to a NewsNation reporter monitoring the home.

16 September – Mr. Laundry’s sister Cassie tells ABC’s Good Morning America that she hasn’t spoken to her brother and that their family “loves” Ms. Petito.

Protesters gather outside the laundry house and shout, “Where’s Gabby?” And with the placards “Truth comes out in the end”.

Protests outside laundry home in Florida

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Protests outside laundry home in Florida

17 September – Mr Laundry was reported missing by his family, three days after they last saw him.

The same day police ruled out any connection to the double murder of newlyweds Crystal Turner and Kylan Schulte in Moab, Utah.

That evening, the police take away items from Mr. Laundry’s Mustang, which is standing in the way of the family.

North Port Police looking for 25,000-acre Carlton Reserve for Brian Laundry

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North Port Police looking for 25,000-acre Carlton Reserve for Brian Laundry

18 September – Police begin a search of the Carlton Reserve for any traces of Mr. Laundry, while the FBI in Wyoming looks for clues in a mountainous national park in Wyoming.

19 September – Gabi Petito’s remains are believed to be located Bridger-Teton National Forest The search for Mr. Laundry has intensified in Wyoming.

North Port Police spokesman Josh Taylor admitted Mr Laundry could be out there for months.

“We’re not following her everywhere. We’re trying to keep track of where she is so that we can potentially reach her if needed. But we’ve been resourceful trying to find Gabby.” Was. “

The police are being criticized for the investigation.

Pat Diaz, a former detective in the Miami-Dade massacre, told Fox News: “why you [try to] Get consent from the boy, and get a search warrant now?”

20 September – Police say they have closed all roads and stopped searching the reserve.

At around 9:45, police and the FBI arrive at the Laundry family’s home to execute a search warrant.

A convoy of five vehicles reached the lane at Laundry Home in North Port at around 9:45 am on Monday and cordoned off the surrounding area.

Moments later, FBI agents arrive to execute the warrant, and can be heard saying “search warrant” and “you are in a crime scene”.

Brian Laundry’s father Christopher could be seen being escorted home by FBI agents.

He and his wife, Roberta Laundry, were being held in a parked police van in the driveway as officers searched.

In a tweet, the FBI said it is “executing a court-authorized search warrant today at the laundry residence in North Port, FL, related to the Gabriel ‘Gabby’ Petito investigation.”

Credit: www.independent.co.uk / Brian Laundrie

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