Where to find new alien weapon Chug Cannon (Slurp Bazooka) in Fortnite

    The Chug Cannon or Slurp Bazooka Foreign Weapon, which was released with update 15.30, is certainly one of the strongest defensive items offered to Fortnite.

    The chug cannon not only heals the player or teammate to whom it is fired, but also changes the player’s shield. Although this foreign weapon is very similar to the band Bazooka, now inverted weapons can only compensate for a player’s health and not shield.

    Chug cannon detection in Fortnite is similar to all other alien weapons in the game. Players will need to find specific NPCs in possession of the Chug Cannon and purchase them in exchange for Gold Bars. Chug Cannon weapons can only be obtained from Fortnite from an NPC called Remedy.

    Similar to the Burst Quad Launcher which was also introduced with the 15.30 update, it will cost players 600 Gold Bars to purchase the Chug Cannon. However, finding Remedy can be a bit tricky, as this NPC may be one of its two spawn locations.

    Here is a step-by-step guide on how players can obtain Chug Cannon alien weapons in Fortnite.

    Chug Cannon (Slurp Bazooka) in Fortnite

    Two places where Chug Cannon can spawn Remedy with foreign weapons in their inventory:

    • The remedy can be found in either craggy cliffs; or
    • Pleasant can be found in the Hilltop House located to the northeast of the park.

    To gain the Chug Cannon at Fortnite, players must follow several steps. These steps are:

    • While getting off the Battle Bus, players must go to either of the two possible spawn locations for Remedy
    • If the player is unable to locate Remedy where they land, they are advised to head to another POI.
    • Once the player positions Remedy, they will see three conversation points above the NPC model. Players must negotiate with the NPC to proceed.
    • When the player interacts with Remedy, the NPC Chug Cannon presents players with the option to purchase foreign weapons.
    • Players are required to confirm their purchase in exchange for Gold Bars to claim a foreign weapon for themselves.

    Following these steps, players will be allowed to claim the Chug Cannon foreign weapon at Fortnite. This specific alien weapon kills the crossbow bolt which fills players with 18 points. Additionally, the chug cannon has an extremely short load duration of 1.1 seconds, allowing players to continuously fix themselves and their allies.

    When used correctly in squad mode, the Chug Cannon alien weapon in Fortnite can be a complete game-changer in critical scenarios.

    Published 02 Feb 2021 19:47 IST

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