Which CNN anchor has a higher net worth: Brooke Baldwin or Don Lemon?

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    Longtime CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin announced that she was going to leave the network in mid-April.

    Baldwin Shared the news With the audience on 17 February, saying: “For a decade I’ve never had a huge responsibility and privilege, I’ve had to work with some of the most talented producers and photo journalists and reporters and anchors… I wanted to Be part of one of the best in cable news and journalism, and as a native Atlantean, it would be my hometown dream. Little did I know, I would not only go to fulfill that dream, I would thrive in this environment and do my two-hour show in the afternoon at the age of 31. “

    Brooke Baldwin at DVF Awards | Dimitrios Camboris / Getty Images

    After news of his exit and Baldwin’s own admission that he did not have another job, some fans wondered what his total assets were. Others wondered who would handle their afternoon time slot and who would co-host with fellow anchor Don Lemon on future New Year’s Eve. Here are the answers to those questions and more.

    Are Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin Really Friends?

    Not a ton is known about Baldwin’s life behind the camera, but viewers have seen him drop loose on the occasion, while co-hosting with Lemon on CNN’s New Year’s Eve. Some have questioned whether the two are actually so close as they appear

    In 2018, Baldwin spoke Variety And that he and Lemon are very good friends indeed. “Don and I are amazing friends away from the camera,” she said. “I think a few years ago there was a hot tub. Had to get ears pierced. Don always comes to play. I think what people think of us, if you talked to us off camera, it would be the same on camera. We almost forget that we are on live television when we have heart to heart about relationships, which can be dangerous. “

        Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin participate in CNN Heroes
    Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin Attend CNN Heroes | Mike Coppola / Getty Images for CNN

    There is no word yet on who will co-host NYE Countdown with Lemon in the future or if Baldwin will return for the role. Know who it is that will replace him in the afternoon spot of the week after he leaves.

    in Press release, That network revealed that Victor Blackwell and Alisyn Camarota would replace Baldwin CNN Newsroom 2 pm-4pm ET.

    Who has more net worth?

    After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2001, Baldwin moved to Virginia where he began working in broadcast journalism. She Also served as a morning news anchor in West Virginia and a lead reporter at the WTTG network in Washington DC.

    Baldwin joined CNN in 2008. According to Celebrity net worth, Her annual salary as an anchor is $ 4 million and her estimated total assets are $ 10 million.

    American Museum of Natural History for Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin Photo
    American Museum of Natural History Museum for Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin Photo | Mike Coppola / Getty Images for CNN

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    Lemann transferred to Brooklyn College in New York before attending Louisiana State University where he studied journalism. He Worked for people associated with Fox News in college and even after graduation, was a reporter for NBC in Philadelphia and Chicago. Lemon also worked as an investigative reporter for a colleague in St. Louis.

    He He joined CNN in 2006 and, like Baldwin, reportedly has an annual salary of $ 4 million. Celebrity net worth It is noted that Lemon’s estimated net worth is more than Baldwin’s $ 12 million.

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