Which songs will perform on their ‘MTV Unplugged’ special?

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    Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and BTS’s Jungkook will be featured in a special episode MTV Unplugged On 23 February. Until the episode aired on MTV, it is unknown which songs BTS want to perform. However, based on the teaser released for “MTV Unplugged Presents: BTS”, one can guess a couple of songs.

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    What we know about the episode of BTS ‘MTV Unplugged’

    “MTV Unplugged Presents: BTS” was originally announced on 9 February. It was revealed that BTS filmed the episode in Seoul, South Korea. Along with the specials, BTS plans to add its own unique style MTV Unplugged Franchise.

    According to a press release, BTS Special MTV Unplugged The episode will feature “never-before-seen versions of the group’s most career-defining hits and songs from their latest album.” BE (required version)In intimate settings. “

    Based on this, fans can expect BTS songs from their 2020 album Happen As well as some songs from his entire career. Most likely, this means popular lead singles from their previous albums.

    The band will definitely perform ‘Dynamite’

    When MTV announced episode of Korean band MTV Unplugged, The network also released a trailer for the special. The trailer made it clear that BTS would perform their popular single “Dynamite”.

    The song rings full The trailer, And also a voiceover referencing the song detailing details about the particular episode.

    “For a dynamite night on MTV, we’ve got BTS. Listen to their hits like you’ve never heard them before, ”the voiceover says.

    In August 2020, BTS released “Dynamite” as a single. The song is her first English-language song and her first to reach number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The band later included “Dynamite” on their album. BE (deluxe edition), Which was released on November 20, 2020.

    BTS made history with “Dynamite” when they received a 2021 Grammy Award nomination for Best Pop Duo / Group Performance for the song. The 2021 Grammy Awards will air on March 14.

    Given the popularity and historical significance surrounding “Dynamite”, it makes sense that the song is being promoted the most up to BTS ‘ MTV Unplugged Episode.

    What other songs can BTS do on Un MTV Unplugged?

    BTS Album BE (deluxe edition) Eight tracks: “Life Goes On,” “Fly to My Room,” “Blue and Gray,” “Skit,” “Telepathy,” “Dis-Easy,” “Stay,” and “Dynamite.” The band released a new version of the album name BE (required version) On February 19, and the new version has the same eight tracks.

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    “Life Goes On” is the album’s lead single, and MTV featured a glimpse of BTS on the song MTV Unplugged On February 19, secretly, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, Wei, and Jungkook wore brown suits and sang the chorus of “Life Goes On”.

    For the teaser released by MTV, fans now know that the K-pop group will sing “Life Goes On” and “Dynamite”, the two most recent singles released by the band.

    Not much is known about the setlist for the upcoming MTV Unplugged Episode. However, it makes sense for BTS to perform one of his songs Soul map Era, with earlier tracks such as “Save Me”, “I Need You,” “Run,” “Spring Day,” or even his debut single “No More Dream”.

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