White House Defends Top General Who Voiced Trump Concerns

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WASHINGTON – The White House on Wednesday defended the top US military commander, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, calling for his resignation after revelations in a new book called for his resignation. Washington Post Journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa.

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According to the book “Peril,” Milley told senior military officials that any attack orders from former President Donald Trump in the short days of his presidency should be approved with them. The book also revealed that Milley called China twice to reassure Beijing that no US attack was imminent.

Under US law, the president is the commander in chief and there is a tradition of civilian control of military leaders.


But Milley, admitting that Trump had suffered a mental decline after losing his re-election bid last November, called on his senior military leaders in early January to make sure that they could not ask Trump any Provide with them before completing the alien attack order, according to the book. Milley has not challenged the claims.

After access to Beijing was disclosed on Tuesday, senior officials said Milley had coordinated the call with the knowledge of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Pentagon’s civilian leadership.

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Trump did not issue such an attack order in January as he prepared to leave Washington and hand over the presidency to Democrat Joe Biden, though he persists in unsubstantiated claims that fraudulent vote counting allowed him to four Was cheated for a year’s term.

During the first eight months of Biden’s tenure, Milley continued to lead the US military. But some Republican lawmakers have called for his resignation over the events described in the book, which is due for release next week.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki takes a question from a reporter at a press briefing at the White House on September 15, 2021 in Washington.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki rejected any argument that Milley violated the doctrine of civilian control of the military. She said Biden “has full confidence in his leadership, his patriotism and his loyalty to the Constitution.”

The incidents came at a time when the former president “instigated the unrest that led to the rebellion and the attack on our nation’s capitol,” she said. Hundreds of Trump supporters stormed the building on January 6 to try to prevent lawmakers from attesting Biden’s victory.

Saki called the riots at the Capitol “one of the darkest days in the history of our country”.

FILE – US Senator Marco Rubio

Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, who was often critical of Biden, called for Milley’s resignation, saying that Milley “actively acted to undermine the commander in chief of the US armed forces” and that his action was treason. was the amount.

Rubio wrote to Biden, “General Milley has attempted to rationalize his reckless behavior by arguing that what he regarded as the military’s decision was more stable than that of its civilian commander.”

“It’s a dangerous precedent that General Milley or others may insist at any point in the future,” Rubio said. “It threatens to break our country’s long-standing principle of civilian control of the military.”

FILE – US Senator Ted Cruz

Another Republican, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, called the book’s revelations “deeply concerning.”

Cruz said, “Our Constitution embeds civilian control of the military, and if the President of the Joint Chiefs was actively undermining the Commander-in-Chief and pledging our enemies to disregard their own Commander, then This is completely inconsistent with their responsibilities.”

But Milley’s spokesman, Colonel David Butler, said the chief of staff’s reported actions were within normal limits, noting that he holds regular consultations with defense chiefs around the world, including China and Russia.

Butler said in a press release, “General Milley continues to act and advise within the civilian control of the military and within his authority in the legitimate tradition of the oath of the Constitution.”

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