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A new White House report on the alleged links between climate change and migration opens the door to potentially granting refugee status to those who are classified as “climate activists” or “environmental defenders.”

NS “Report on the Impact of Climate Change on Migration” The claim includes that “there is an interplay between climate change and various aspects of eligibility for refugee status.”


BIDEN admin ‘officially recognized’ link between climate change, migration

It states that if a government “denies relief to specific persons from the effects of climate change who share a protected characteristic in a manner and amount of persecution”, it may seek refugee status on such persons. can open.

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It also states that “adverse effects of climate change” can affect whether one has a viable relocation option within their country.

“Climate activists, or environmental defenders, persecuted for speaking out on the government’s inaction on climate change, may also have a plausible claim for refugee status,” the document said.

Later, in its recommendations to the US government, it recommended that the administration “assess how climate change may intersect with the criteria for refugee status” and that those claims based on “environmental defense or climate change activism” includes.

Biden warns climate change is ‘biggest threat’ to US security: ‘It’s no joke’

The study was ordered by President Biden’s executive order in February, which ordered a study on the effects of climate change on migration, as well as options for “protecting and rehabilitating persons displaced by environmental change.”

Officials this week conducted a series of government analyzes aimed at tackling climate change, which Biden warns will be the “greatest threat” to US national security in the coming years.

Vice President Kamala Harris was tasked with addressing the “root causes” of migration earlier this year. It released a strategy in June to deal with the issue; At the time, it did not officially link climate to migration, but cited the issue of “extreme climate,” “extensive storm damage,” and “climate resilience.”

Meanwhile, the threshold numbers continue to rise with over 200,000 encounters in July and August – with over 1.7 million encounters in FY21.

Republicans have rejected the focus by the Biden administration on “root causes” such as poverty, corruption and climate change – pointing instead to a dramatic rollback of Trump-era border security and a return to “catch-and-drop” .

Granthshala News’ Brooke Singman contributed to this report.