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White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declined to comment on Wednesday whether the White House would pay $8 per month to be verified on Twitter, the new boss outlined by the social media giant’s new boss, Elon Musk. Policy.

When asked if the White House would pay Monthly fee To be verified, Jean-Pierre said it was not an issue that made it to the president’s desk.


“It’s something … that we need to talk to the president about. It certainly hasn’t come to his desk, and so if anything changes on that, we’ll definitely share that information.” ,” said Jean-Pierre.

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Musk, who became Twitter’s new owner last week after closing a $44 billion deal, rolled out his $8-a-month verification plan on Tuesday, sparking outrage among many users, asking them to pay for blue ticks. have to start doing.

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Later in Tuesday’s press conference, Jean-Pierre was asked by Peter Ducey of Fox News to confirm whether President Joe Biden considered the Republican’s winning office a potential threat to democracy. The question was asked in the context of Biden’s condemnation of Republicans who would not accept electoral defeat.

“So, does President Biden think democracy can survive even if the Democrats aren’t in charge of Congress?” Doosy asked.

“The president is optimistic… you know it, Peter,” said Jean-Pierre. “And he understands that [there are a] Most Americans who don’t believe in denying elections, who truly believe in protecting our democracy.”

Biden, who has said “democracy is on the ballot,” is set to speak later Wednesday in Washington’s State of the Union, away from the US Capitol.

Senior White House adviser Anita Dunn told Axios that the president “will be very clear tonight that he is talking to people who don’t agree with him on any issue, who don’t agree with his agenda, but who really Be united behind this idea. This fundamental value of democracy.”