The abundance of rare and expensive white truffle may soon be grown outside their natural habitat, and potentially reach more consumers.

French researchers have discovered a way to produce rare Italian white truffles in a French garden, according to a new report. Truffles, also known as T rais or Pico neck tuber, Are commonly found in the forests of northern Italy and other European countries, where they thrive under specific climatic conditions that allow sufficient water during the growing season between September and December.

Rewarded for their earthy taste and appeal of haute-cuisine, rare of these fungi are often served freshly shaved on pasta or used in fragrant sauces and oils, and can sell for as much as $ 1,000 per pound.

Researchers may have found a way to cultivate expensive white truffles worldwide.  (IStock).

Researchers may have found a way to cultivate expensive white truffles worldwide. (IStock).

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Typically, truffle hunters use dogs and pigs to sniff out rare snores. But according to French researchers, the first orchard crop was successfully produced in 2019. As the authors of the paper recently published Magazine MycorrhizaWhite truffles were able to survive for eight years after being planted in soil. And another Successful harvest in 2020.

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To produce white truffles, the fungus needs to form a symbiotic relationship with its host trees known as the “ectomycorrhizal association”, so researchers worked to cultivate this climatic condition, the French Research Institute for Claude Murat, a research engineer from Agriculture, Food and Environment. (INRAE), Told about food and alcohol.

“These results demonstrate the feasibility of T. magnetum farming worldwide,” Researchers have written the study. “The cultivation of T. magnetum can therefore become a real opportunity for farmers and respond to the high demand for this high-priced food.”