Who is Prince Harry’s mentor, Mark Dyer?

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    Prince Harry has moved his entire life within the past several years. It has been well documented that the prince remained in the headlines and then in his royal role. Although he expected things to change when he married Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, they were spoiled in many ways.

    As a result, Prince Harry decided to leave royal life behind for a new path in California. He has also tightened his circle of friends. However, Rajkumar has been incredibly close with his mentor, Mark Dyer.

    Prince Harry and Mark Dyer | Via Dominic Lipinski / AFP Getty Image

    Who is Mark Dyer to Prince Harry?

    Prince Harry has always been careful about being in people’s eyes. He Even calling him crazy after realizing that he was watching the media during his teenage years. As a result, the Duke of Sussex has always maintained a tight-knit circle of friends around him, including Dyer.

    Dyer is a former Welsh Guard officer. In the 1990s, he was royalty and served Prince Charles. As a result, he began particularly close to Prince Harry and Prince William, especially after the tragic death of Prince Diana in 1997.

    An insider reported that it was Charles, not Mark, who raised Harry after Princess Diana died Ni idea. Although we’ll take it with a grain of salt, it’s no secret that the red-headed prince is particularly close to his redheaded protector. Royal expert Penny Junor told Sun Prince Harry described Dyer as “one of the few people who talks to him about something sensible.”

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    Mark Dyer is not Prince Harry’s real father

    Specifically there has been much speculation about Prince Harry’s upbringing, given the tense marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and the red-haired Duke of Sussex.

    There was speculation that Dyer was, for a time, the father of Prince Harry’s birth, who was debacked. For years, there was also speculation that the prince’s father was a cavalry officer, James Hewitt, with whom Princess Diana had an affair.

    However, the late princess’ former butler Paul Burrell revealed that it is impossible. “Diana did not know James Hewitt when Harry was born,” Barrell told I’m a celebrity … get me out of here. “She Did not meet James yet. “

    Nevertheless, Dyer and Prince Harry are very close. Prince attended Dyer’s 2010 wedding and is the godfather of his son, Jasper, who was also a pageboy at Sussex’s 2018 wedding.

    Mark Dyer is one of Archie Harrison’s parents

    When Prince Harry started dating Meghan in 2016, Dyer and his cousin Princess Eugenie were two of the first people to introduce him. An insider stated, “Harry introduced Meghan to Mark.” “She Immediately shared Harry’s love. “

    Dyer ran The Sands End, a special bar where Meghan and Harry had secret dates. In addition, Dyer is now a trustee of the charity Centabel, founded in 2006 by Prince Harry and Prince Cesio of Lesotho.

    Although the people of Sussex have not publicly named their son Archie’s godparents, The sunday times Former nanny of Dyer and Prince Harry, Tyggie Pettifer, is named as the grandparents of the royal child.

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