Who is Sheryl Crow Dated?

    Sheryl Crow’s music has inspired and influenced many musicians in the industry. She Has topped many charts, earned countless awards, and produced some great collaborations. Some of which led to high-profile relationships, although it was his involvement with a non-musician who would be given the brand ‘Power Couple’ status.

    Of the many relationships worth mentioning in her past, Crowe has three of the most high-profile relationships you’ll want to note.

    Eric Clapton was 17 years his senior

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    Although Crowe’s relationship with Eric Clapton will be brief, the legendary composer deserves mention because he has made some great collaborations and tapped a strong friendship in the years to come. In addition, Clapton was a highly influential musician, so when he teamed up with Crowe – both were invincible.

    The two musicians ended their romance between 1998 and 2000 in exchange for a close friendship rather than taking their relationship to the next level. “Sheryl Crow and Eric Clapton had a brief relationship; their song ‘My Favorite Mistake’ was rumored to have an affair,” Zimbio Reported. “The two parted ways after a few years, but they remained cordial and knew to perform in the same concert on this occasion.”

    His collaboration on “My Favorite Mistake” still chills the audience and makes you wonder what could have happened between the two sensational artists.

    Doyle Bramhall II

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    Doyle Bramhall II is another influential musician, known for his talent as a rock’n’roll singer, guitarist and most recently a producer. He Often worked as a bandmate with Clapton, which is how he and Crow met. It wasn’t around 2010 that the two would make it official and turn their friendship into romance after collaborating on their new album 100 miles from Memphis.

    The couple never publicly announced their relationship, but Bramhall took them to the 2011 Spring Ball of The Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

    That same year, Crowe spoke about her ‘producer boyfriend’ in an interview. “I’ve involved people and their children, and if the relationship doesn’t work, it’s heartbreaking,” she told Prevention journal. When I am around children, I keep the relationship friends. Luckily, we have a great base, have known each other for fifteen years. “

    There is no news of when their romance story actually ended, but I! Online Reports that she was a single woman when she was promoting her 2013 album feels like home.

    Crowe and Lance Armstrong were early 2000s power couples

    Sheryl Crow | Noam Gallai / Getty Images for the Michael J. Fox Foundation

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    Crowe and Lance Armstrong’s relationship was their highest profile yet. The two were thriving in their careers (before he was infamous) and the talk of the town since meeting at a charity event in 2003, when he ended things with his ex-wife Kristin Richards.

    According to I! Online, “As of September 2005 they were engaged and sharing a farm in Austin. However, in 2006 the two made a joint statement,” After much thought and consideration, we made a very difficult decision to separate. is. We both have deep love and respect for each other, and we ask that everyone respect our privacy during this very difficult time. “

    According to Armstrong’s new book The spear, He said that they separated because “she wanted marriage, she wanted children; I didn’t want it at the time because I just had to get out of a wedding, I only had children.”

    Of late, Sheryl Crow is the single mother of two little boys. While she is not against finding a ‘one’ and settling down to get married, the award-winning singer / songwriter focuses more on being happy and taking care of her children.

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