Why ‘He-Man and the Masters of the Universe’ Has a New Theme Song on Netflix

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The people who . have grown up with masters of the universe Animated series as kids in the ’80s can probably still sing it from heart. Netflix’s new animated series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe A lot changes about the show. It has an updated story and new animation style. It also has a brand new theme song. Executive producers Jeff Matsuda and Rob David explain why to the Showbiz cheat sheet.

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“I think we want to capture the show,” Matsuda said in a Zoom interview on September 9. “If you look at the main title, it’s a really fast fall special. We wanted to make it as explosive as we could to get together with a group of people to save the universe and have a ton of fun doing it.” could.”

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filming opening title masters of the universe Every week in the 80s set up the story. Prince Adam raised his sword in the air and cried, “By the power of Greskull, I have power.” It turned him into He-Man.


in Matsuda and David He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, there is an important difference. Now, Adam uses the power of the Grayskull to transform his entire team into the Masters of the Universe. This is also different from the one Kevin Smith created Masters of the Universe: Revelation. Revelation also has its own new theme song.

“The old show was like, ‘I have the power,'” Matsuda said. “We really wanted to feel the team, we have the friendship aspect. Adam has the ability to transform and he gave some of his power to those people, to his friends too. It was really important for us to overcome.”

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The filming series airs every weekday at noon. It’s unlikely that any kid tuning in first who didn’t already know He-Man’s mythology. just in case, masters of the universe The theme song would represent it all for them. This is less important for Netflix series where viewers can watch every episode continuously.

“The great thing about Netflix is ​​that you can tell a really great serial story,” said David. “Each episode in this first season, these 10 episodes, is a chapter in a really bigger story. Even if they satisfy with themselves, they really tie together. So there’s not as much need to give this introductory narrative summary. is like Gilligan’s Island style, or Buck Rogers. Or even filming He-Man that I love, just topping that whole thing up because really the whole series is the story because it all adds up. “

David hopes the audience will feel empowered with the new theme song. When Prince Adam gives power to all of his friends, David hopes that the beholding child will feel that his power will also make him the master of the universe.

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David said, “I think thematically it does in terms of our sense of power and self-empowerment and self-discovery, which hopefully holds true not only with the characters on the show, but a kid at home.” Is.” “If a kid in the house does really well on a math test or wins a race at school, we want him to come home and be like, Can I be a master of speed? Am I a master mathematician? We want that aspect of it.”

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Premieres September 16 on Netflix. We’ll find out more on the Showbiz cheat sheet here with David and Matsuda.

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