Ron DeSantis receives all kinds of negative media coverage, and it is now working to his advantage.

Does this remind you of anyone else in Florida now?

Republican Governor Botad is the clear beneficiary of “60 Minutes”, a story about him and Kovid vaccines. A prominent Democratic mayor is supporting him. The backlash is increasing its stand among GOP voters. And he is increasingly looking like a top contender for the 2024 presidential nomination.

Dissentis is a great ally of Donald Trump, who famously spent his tenure in war with what he calls fake news.

Florida Village.  Ron DeSantis made the gesture during a press conference on Sunday, April 4, 2021 at the Manatee County Emergency Management Office in Palmetto, Fla.  (The Associated Press)

Florida Village. Ron DeSantis made the gesture during a press conference on Sunday, April 4, 2021 at the Manatee County Emergency Management Office in Palmetto, Fla. (The Associated Press)

And he shares Trumpian’s ability to compete hard in the Fourth Estate. When CBS ‘Shairon Alphonsie confronted him at a news conference (because he wouldn’t give an interview), he lectured him on not caring about the facts, saying that his version was “irrefutable.”

All of this was on camera as the governor said Publix was the only outlet in Palm Beach County ready to vaccinate people, consulted with local officials and before they were donating $ 100,000 to their CAC in the supermarket. It had nothing to do with Chen. And that’s where “60 Minutes” made a big mess, not using most of his sound bites or even summarizing his most powerful defense.

Instead, the program tried to portray DeSantis as one of those evil people who likes to chase down some hallway with their cameras.

The story’s most devastating retaliation occurred when Palm Beach County Democratic Mayor Dave Kerner called the story intentionally false. Kerner told Granthshala yesterday that he had asked for the program, talked for 45 minutes and yet none of his comments or viewpoints were included.

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The CBS magazine show made a second statement yesterday, stating that “our story speaks for itself on Sunday night.”

The program says it has interviewed dozens of sources and both DeSantis and the state emergency management director have refused to speak on camera, adding “we have ignored their point of view.” “60 Minutes” said that it also spoke on Kerner’s record, but he says the same thing, so it is unclear why it is described as “a counter to his statement”.

There is no question in the mainstream media for Ron DeSantis, who won office in 2018, and has tried to portray him as a reaction to the epidemic, when Florida is now doing very well. This is not to say that everything he has done is absolutely true, but he is portrayed as a constant call and careless when the virus arrives. Yet the enmity of this journalism has only fueled his Republican support.

As National review The hostile press, it says, has turned Dissentes into “a national political force with no warts of all of Trump’s conservative credentials and many American sensitivities.” In other words, the magazine says, he has “all the right enemies.”

It is difficult to avoid the contrast between the coverage of Dissentes and Andrew Cuomo, which was quickly lionized by the press and won an Emmy for its Kovid briefing. Now the Democratic governor of New York is turning down calls for resignation in light of the deaths at the nursing home (as well as a string of sexual harassment allegations), while the Florida governor has reinforced his stance.

There is a striking contrast between the way conservatives are rallying around DeSantis and their silence about another Florida Republican, Matt Getz. Members of the House are under the Justice Department’s investigation on allegations of sexual trafficking of a minor and paying women for sex, which he strongly denies.

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POLITICO REPORT “No Trump aide or family member has tweeted about the Florida Congress. Nor is almost any of the most prominent Trump surrogates or Trump-ally conservatives and media personalities”, rushed to defend Gates.

This may be in part because Gaetz will undoubtedly lose his seat if he is driven, and some want to be left on the deck of a sinking ship. And there it has always been seen as her wild personal life, which includes boasting from women to co-workers. Politico puts it this way: “Getz was always considered a grenade whose pin had already been pulled.”

At a press conference yesterday, DeSantis attacked people as “smear traders” on “60 Minutes”. This is why no one trusts corporate media.

Whether this is fair or not, he is aggressive against the CBS grenade which is on the backfire. In the emerging reality of the post-Trump world, the story probably helped him.