Why Norm Macdonald was left out of Emmys ‘In Memoriam’ segment

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The Emmys in Memoriam segment was very dynamic, helped by John Legend’s emotional performance, but this segment forgot some of the stars we lost over the past year.

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The Television Academy honored greats such as Sidney Poitier, Betty White and Bob Saget during a ceremony at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on September 12.

Still, Twitter was quick to point out Norm MacDonald, who himself was nominated for an award, was excluded from the tribute on television. The “SNL” star died in September 2021, but was posthumously nominated for “Norm McDonald: Nothing Special” in the Variety Special (Pre-Recorded) category.


Fact Check: McDonald was included in the 2021 Emmys in Memoriam segment after the show aired days after his passing.

Still, fans felt like she should have been mentioned since she was nominated for an award.

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“You’re telling me Adarsh ​​lost Amy and wasn’t even in Memoriam,” an angry spectator said,

Fans were in arms Norm Macdonald was left out of the 2022 Emmys in Memoriam segment, but he was included in last year’s tribute.
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“Did the Emmys really kick Norm Macdonald out of the memoriam section after nominating just one award?” another pair,

Other notable omissions included Olivia Newton-John, who died in August. As one person pointed out, the “Grease” actress was once the star of an ABC special.

“Disrespect to Olivia Newtom” [sic] John Noe in Memoriam TFFFF,” a fan wrote,

Fans also tweeted about James Michael Tyler, who played Gunther on “Friends,” also left.

“They forgot James Michael Tyler in In Memoriam'” #Emmys2022,” a fan wrote,

Although they were not included in the televised portion, a long list of names is posted in the In Memoriam section of the Academy’s Emmys website.

Others were busy roasting Legend for his frequent performances for the tribute segment at the awards show.

“Is it me or, at this point, does John Legend sing for Her In Memoriam at every award show?” a person asked,

Legend, who is an EGOT winner, performed His new song “Pieces” For the touching section.

Last week, the show’s executive producer, Reginald Reggie Hudlin, stated deadline that the Emmys would generally choose a famous song, and although they were skeptical, they opted to use Legend’s “moving song”.

He said, ‘Normally we would not do any new song in such a situation. We listened with skepticism which quickly turned into wild excitement. It’s a powerful moving song,” Hudlin said.

Hudlin noted that Legend would help rise during the part of the show that honors the stars beloved by fans.

“All you fans of John Legend, you know how he can get straight into your heart and break you,” he said. “John Legend’s performance is always something to excite and the song is unique and special and uniquely suited to the context in which we are putting it.”

Legend’s self-titled eighth studio album, ‘Legend’ was released on Friday.

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