Why the monkees drummer was glade He Frank couldn’t work for Zappa

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    The Monkees and Frank Zappa composed very different music, however, Zappa wanted to work with Mickey Dolange of The Monkees. Despite this, Dolenz did not work with him. Here’s why – and why Dolange is relieved that he can’t work with Zappa

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    How Frank Zappa slammed a member of The Monkez

    First, a little background. The Beatles dominated pop charts and pop culture in the 1960s. He also inspired the creation of The Monkees. Regardless, Zappa was not a huge fan of the group and only enjoyed his many, many hits. Despite this, Dolange told Forbes He was a fan of Zappa Prefab Four. He Even appeared in the group’s sitcom and in his simplified film Head. He Even lived near Dolenz. One day, Zappa asks Dolange a memorable question during a phone conversation.

    “[Zappa] Was a fan, was on our television show, “Dolange recalled. “He The Monkees understood what we were, and what we were not. [Zappa] Was a very clever man. He Called me one day, and I remember it clearly. [Zappa] Was asked if I would be the drummer for his band The Mothers of Invention [laughs]. “The fact is that respected musicians such as Zappa respected Dolange’s skills, as a drummer stood in contrast to how The Monke was derived as a prefabricated band.

    “daydream Believer”

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    How did Dolange react to this? “I had to remove myself from the floor,” he revealed. “Of course, I was incredibly flattering, like ‘Oh my God!” But, he said that I need to get out of my recording contract with RCA, because his band was going to record. So I called the record company, and basically they said, ‘Of course not. You still have two albums. ‘So I told Frank, but there was definitely a part of me that was relieved. I don’t know if you know Frank Zappa’s music, but boy, I would have challenged a lot.

    How did the Prefab Four perform on the charts compared to Frank Zappa

    This raises an interesting question: who was more successful on the charts – The Monkez or Zappa? The Monkees released six singles that reached the top 10 Billboard Hot 100: “A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You,” “Vallary,” “Pleasant Valley Sunday,” “Daydream Believer,” “I’m a Believer,” and “Last Train to Clarksville.” The latter three singles reached the peak of the chart. Smash Mouth renewed attention to “I Believe It” after covering it for the soundtrack to an animated family comedy Shrek.

    “I am a believer”

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    On the other hand, Zappa never hit number 1 on the chart. According to Entertainment Weekly, His only Top 40 hit was the satirical song “Valley Girl”. Due to his lack of success it is very ironic that he released an album titled We are only in it for the money. Regardless of what was more popular, Zappa’s attempt to work with Dolange is a notable anecdote in the careers of both artists.

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