Wife, 66, who stabbed husband, 78, to death tells court she knifed him after he belittled her for serving bubble and squeak with her birthday steak dinner 

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  • Court to hear claims today, debate erupts after dispute over birthday meal
  • Jackson is on trial for murder of Mr. Jackson after being stabbed three times
  • She admits to killing the former colonel with a kitchen knife but denies the murder.

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A woman who stabbed her husband to death says she ‘lost all control’ after an altercation over bubbles and squeaks to come with her birthday meal.

Penelope Jackson, 66, reported in her lawsuit that she killed 78-year-old David Jackson, but claimed she initially intended to take her own life to escape their decades-long violent relationship.


The final argument broke out when Mr Jackson ‘kicked off’ during a Zoom call meal to celebrate the respondent’s birthday remotely in lockdown with his daughter and son-in-law after receiving ‘extra’ food from the oven.

That food was an expensive treat for him bought by his child and his partner.

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Jackson told Bristol Crown Court it was the ‘last straw’ as he had always hidden the abuse from his daughter.

Then she went to bed with a knife and said that she intended to take her own life.

But instead she stabbed her husband as he told her about his suicide threat – before writing the ‘confession note’ and then stabbed him twice more in the kitchen.

And while he was dying, he refused to help and told 999 operators that he tried to stab her in the heart – but added ‘he doesn’t have one.’

Penelope Jackson gives evidence in her murder trial at Bristol Crown Court today

The judge yesterday authorized the release of the 18-minute 999 call that was run to the jury along with bodycam footage of his arrest when the prosecution's case concluded.

The judge yesterday authorized the release of the 18-minute 999 call that was run to the jury along with bodycam footage of his arrest when the prosecution’s case concluded.

Taking the stand today, Jackson recalled the tragic events of February 13 at her home in Borough, Somerset, which ended with her arrest for the murder of her husband.

She told the jury she was ‘shocked’ when she read tapes of what she had said to emergency call handlers – but claimed she was ‘not herself’ after more than 20 years of abuse.

Jackson said they had a “really good afternoon” until they came across a seemingly effortless row over the bubbles and squeaks that lobster, crab and steak added to birthday meals.

He said: ‘I said to David, ‘Should I pick up the bubble and scream now? His response was ‘What potatoes – what are you about?

‘I was completely thrown off and he was grumbling ‘You’re trying to show me I didn’t think their food was good enough’ – I was just horrified.

Jackson said the mood on the Zoom call changed immediately.

He claimed she could no longer be with him, he killed her with a kitchen knife.  Image: During his arrest in video released yesterday

He claimed she could no longer be with him, he killed her with a kitchen knife. Image: During his arrest in video released yesterday

She continues to run after the police car, which was also picked up by an officer's bodycam footage, as well as while he was at the station.

She continues to run after the police car, which was also picked up by an officer’s bodycam footage, as well as while he was at the station.

She said: ‘I withdrew in myself. They spent all that money (on dinner) and I was trying to put a brave face on it but I didn’t know where it was going to go later.

‘Whether he saw it or not, he had a contempt for me that he could be so rude and obnoxious in front of our daughter – he had never done this before.

‘I just thought I couldn’t do it anymore. That was terrible for me in front of my daughter, on my birthday, for no reason I made her like that, in her eyes, I was disrespecting her purchase because she had no potatoes.

‘I thought he wanted it.’

Jackson said she then went into the bedroom ‘terrified’ and took with her a kitchen knife she had bought for her birthday.

She said: ‘I knew I needed to get out. I know I was inexplicably scared, completely upset and just knew I had to stay out of his way. I was absolutely scared.

‘I bought myself a set of very nice knives. I took one and mentally decided I wasn’t going to use it if it came, but say ‘if you come to me again’ and ‘stay away’.

‘I put it under my pillow and just wanted to let him know that he wasn’t going to kill me or crush me again.

‘As far as I was concerned, my marriage had just broken up. Violence, unwanted sex, humiliation, stopping me from working, all the horrible things I’ve told you. It was for nothing.

‘Tonight he had shown our daughter, his complete, utter, contempt of me.

‘I couldn’t see a way out. I know it’s a silly thing to reach out and be in the dock for hitting someone over bubbles and squeals but that’s what happened.

‘I just lay there and I knew I couldn’t go. I thought I had this knife, I was going to kill myself.

Jackson said that her husband was in bed and she wanted to show him what she planned to do.

She continued: ‘I wanted her to know, as we had driven Alan (her first husband) to kill himself, he had driven me away. I wanted him to feel some responsibility for me to bear all this and put me in this terrible situation.

‘She just said ‘Oh for God’s sake, you’re pathetic, either put up with it or go back to bed.’

‘I was in complete despair. He literally couldn’t be bothered – it was utter contempt.

‘I just lost it – I thought I couldn’t do it. It’s not fair and I lost control and left. (the act of stabbing)

‘ He said, ‘Well then,’ and I just gave up. I don’t know why I did this.. I have never been violent in my life. He just looked at me. He sat up and was bleeding. I was absolutely terrified. I left the bedroom and I knew what I had done. It was completely wrong.

Jackson said she then went to the kitchen, put down the knife and wrote a ‘confession note’ in which she referred to Mr Jackson as a ‘fantastic’ father, but added: ‘However, the mask slipped off tonight.’

She then stood in the kitchen, believing that the police were about to arrive when Mr. Jackson returned.

He continued: ‘He looked at me and said, ‘Look how it feels to be calling the police on you.’

He said that he picked up the phone, got on her face and then started rolling it around while shouting, ‘You don’t even understand properly, you are pathetic.’

She said: ‘I felt weak, pathetic, scared. He was there and I felt that I could not bear it anymore.

‘I stabbed him and he said (over the phone) ‘he’s done it again.’ He turned and I did it again and he fell down. Then I picked up the phone.

‘I read the transcript (called 999). I am embarrassed and apprehensive. I know I told them but I don’t remember saying anything like that.

‘I knew I didn’t want him to die. I just wanted out of this relationship and it felt like he would never let me go.

‘I was just grumbling. I said all kinds of horrible things that I’m ashamed of. I was out of my head.

‘I went and he fell down. I left him. I thought maybe he got up and brought me. I was lying on the floor several times and he walked away from me. I just walked away.

‘I didn’t mean to do that, I didn’t think about it. It just happened and if I can give anything to give it back I will. He just turned and twirled at me, almost like he wanted me to do it.

‘He had shown contempt for me about being terrible at baked potatoes. He had never done this in front of Isabelle. I hid this from him for the rest of my married life.

‘I have lived in fear and embarrassment and have denied what happened to me for many years. As always, I said I accept my sentence. I had stabbed my husband. I didn’t mean it but I just lost my control.’

‘I didn’t mean anything. I intended to kill me.

‘I didn’t mean to make the food wrong by mentioning bubbles and squeaks. I didn’t mean anything. I know I have said the most terrible things, but that was not me.’

When asked why she did nothing to help her husband as he lay on the floor, she said: ‘I was terrified of the man’s witness.

‘If you offered me £100m I couldn’t get off that chair. I know I was stuttering from oral diarrhea but I physically couldn’t go.

‘I was terrified he was going to fake it and I had no idea how sick he was. I couldn’t get up and go to the man.

‘I thought if I kept talking to the emergency services, they would come and sort it out.’

The jury heard that the defendant was charged with murder, which she denies, but had admitted to murder.

The couple married in April 1996 and both had been married several times before.

Mr Jackson, who was ranked high in the Royal Logistics Corps before moving to a position in the Ministry of Defence.

Mrs Jackson was a retired Chartered Accountant for the Ministry of Defense and the Department of International Development.

Trial continues.

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