Will artificial intelligence chatbots become our new best friends?

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TeaHere was a time when the idea of ​​artificial intelligence was confined to distant research laboratories and a world of little-known technology. That time is gone. AI-based concepts have slipped into our everyday lives and the divide between science fiction, blue-sky thinking and billion-dollar start-ups is rapidly dissolving.

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It’s an idea that has been recycled by Hollywood on several occasions, but for many of us it embraced a new kind of realism with the 2013 Spike Jones film, His, A generation already familiar with online AI chatboxes were suddenly invited to witness the romance between a man and a software package. Set in an era where half the population appears to be attached to a sort of discrete instrument in their ear, His starts getting a different kind of resonance. However, it is a film about a sad and lonely man who falls in love with an inanimate object.

This is a topic that has also been explored in blade runner 2045 The central character, played by Ryan Gosling, has a meaningful association with computer-generated projection, and also in the episode “Be Right Back”. black Mirror, In which a girlfriend wants to use AI and social media to imitate her dead partner.


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