Will Meghan Markle give birth to baby 2 in US or UK?

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    The news shocked the world when Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, announced that they were moving away from their official royal duties to allow themselves more time as private members of the public. Dubbed the “MegaXit”, this dissatisfaction with the British royal family created a ruckus and took several months to complete officially.

    When all this was said and done, Meghan and Prince Harry found themselves living across the pond, just a physical reminder of how much they had filled themselves and their past lives with constant scrutiny and long-held expectations. Now that the Duke and Duchess have announced the joyous news that they will be expecting a second child, the weight of that decision is rapidly brought to mind.

    Will this new royal baby really be born in the United States? Or will the couple return to the United Kingdom for birth?

    Meghan Markle and Prince Harry followed royal traditions

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Rosa Woods – Pool / Getty Images

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    Long before he officially announced his plans to step down from royal duties, Prince Harry and Meghan had a habit of following royal traditions. Everything from Meghan’s decision to the way she dressed, and the constant negative scrutiny from the British public she was wearing (the way she held her baby).

    Some saw Meghan and Prince Harry as celebrants due to defying royal expectations. Many welcomed his embrace of a more contemporary approach as he moved with older conventions.

    In addition, many called for hypocrisy in such a way that the pair – particularly Meghan – were treated by the press. Many fans read the Duchess’s intense and often unilateral criticism of her as racist and cruel, and many of these fans saw the move to step down from official duties, given the completely understandable unfair treatment.

    Baby Archie’s birth in Britain was a major event

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    Even due to ruthless treatment from the British press, Meghan and Prince Harry were one of the reasons for the celebration. Their wedding was a grand affair, in the presence of those who were watching at home, excited and caught up in the pomp and circumstance of the history-making event.

    It was the birth of Prince Harry and Meghan’s first son, Archie, which really reflected the importance of the family in the traditional British royal family order. Even though the couple refused to give royal title to their son, their birth is historical and comes with some rights. Namely, he would gain his father’s independence and become a prince upon the death of his great grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

    Archie’s birth was also a very famous event for the British public. Born in May 2019, Archie arrived in the world at Portland Hospital in the UK. Fans of the royal family laughed for more pictures of the boy when he was born, and the constant pressure to glimpse his personal life was part of Meghan and Reason. Prince Harry wanted to step away.

    Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will soon welcome another child

    Now Meghan and Prince Harry make the exciting announcement that Archie is going to be a big brother! While they were in Australia, and the couple let the news fly To love now Reports, Prince Harry even reported that he is expecting a little girl.

    The news is especially exciting, because, The people Reminds us, Markle suffered a miscarriage last year and helped to overcome all losses.

    As Harper’s Bazaar Reports, experts are still writing their hands on what titles can or cannot be given to Sussex’s children now that their parents have shied away from their official roles. Meanwhile, many people have far less technical and more practical questions about this good news. Where will the new baby be born?

    When Prince Harry and Meghan first left their roles, they spent several months in Canada but eventually settled in a house in Malibu. The family has certainly created an exciting and comfortable life for themselves in California, and it is very likely that the latest addition will yield Hello!.

    What’s more, Buckingham Palace recently released Statement The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will not return as working royals after their one-year review period. As such, his shift in America seems permanent.

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