Will Smith Quotes about life: ‘no new problems’

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    He is believed to be a successful musician, film star, husband and father, it relies on Will Smith’s quote about life. Smith often shares his experiences and motivations in various interviews, so fans and interested followers can pay attention. Smith has a strategy fully accessible to all.

    Will Smith | Steve Jennings / Getty Images for TechCrunch

    Smith talked about his philosophy about life in the press trash I’m great in 2007. In the film, he played the last living person in New York. Smith said that he studies a lot in real life, and that’s where he got these ideas.

    Will Smith comes from quotes about life and is inspired by books

    You don’t have to be the last man on earth to read a lot. Smith said that he is a big reader and he looks for answers in books.

    “I’m really hooked on the amount of reading,” Smith said. “How much can I read in a day? But I am reading it and connecting it to my life application. How can I take it and then apply it to my relationship? How can I apply this to educate my children? How can it be applied in films? How can I apply it to make the world better? So if he was removed, I can also imagine what I would connect myself with. “

    Why Will Smith is Inspiring

    There are a lot of film stars and a lot of music artists. Smith is inspiring not only what he has achieved, but how he achieves it and spreads positivity. His humility led him to seek answers from those who had come before him.

    Will Smith quotes about life at the I Am Legend press conference
    Will Smith | Alicebeta Villa / Getty Images

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    There are millions and billions and trillions of people who live in front of us. He had problems and he solved them and then he wrote it down in a book. So there is no new problem that we can have that we try to know this by ourselves. There is no relationship problem, no problem with your parents or your brother or the government, there is no problem here that we did not already have an answer written in a book a thousand years ago. It’s Bitterwhite because you know it in a book, but you’ve actually got the right information that’s going to give you the proper information.

    Will Smith, I’m great Press conference, 2007

    One more tip for life

    There is a lot to read but this is not all for Smith. Smith is the second ingredient to know life.

    “The running aspect, that’s how you connect with your weakness,” Smith said. “When you go on the treadmill, you deprive yourself of oxygen. What kind of person are you going to come out of, very quickly. You’re either the type of person who says you’re going to run three miles, and then you stop the treadmill at 2.94, or you get off after a mile. Or, you’re the type of person who works hard through the finish line and when you get to the three, you realize, ‘God, I really can make five’, and you move on And you do two more. “

    Will Smith Aladdin in premiere
    Will Smith | Isa Foltin / Wireimage

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    Smith describes a kind of Zen, meditative quality that comes in the last mile of a run.

    “That little person starts talking to you,” Smith said. “Man, do you like me?” We should stop. I think we should stop. No! I think we are hurting ourselves right now. I don’t think it’s healthy now. ‘When you learn to get command over that person on the treadmill, it allows you to get that person command in your life. For me, it is really important to command that person in my life. “

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