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William Shatner is hitting back at Prince William.

Earlier this week, the future monarch criticized space tourism as the “Star Trek” actor, 90, famous for going to space aboard Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket.


“We need some of the greatest minds and minds in the world who are trying to repair this planet, not just trying to go and find the next place to live,” William told the BBC. “I think it’s finally sold for me – it’s really important enough to focus on [planet] Instead of going in and out of space to try and think about solutions for the future.”

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Shatner addressed the comments.

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Prince William criticizes space tourism at the expense of solving climate change

“They’ve got the wrong idea here, it’s not to go, ‘Oh look at me, I’m in space,'” the actor insisted.

he then Offered A message for William, 39.

William Shatner talks the difference between space simulators and reality, physical toll flight occurred at age 90

“I will tell Prince – and I hope Prince gets this message – that this is a small step in getting all those polluting industries off the earth,” he said. “You can build a base 250, 280 miles above Earth and send that power down here.”

William Shatner traveled to space this week on Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin rocket.

When pressed about Williams’ idea – fixing the earth rather than abandoning it – Shatner offered that people should “fix some stuff here”.

William Shatner shares deep words after successful Blue Origin flight: ‘I hope I never recover’

“Everyone needs to be reminded in their lifetime: You are important, you are beautiful. Do something important today,” he said. “That’s what that trip did to me—it reminded me of the death I was facing not because of my age, but also of how to protect you for years to come.”

Prince William has advocated investing resources in fixing environmental issues on Earth rather than traveling to space to find another place to live.

In his discussion with the BBC, William also expressed concern about the carbon cost of space flights.

Bezos, Virgin Richard Branson And SpaceX founder Elon Musk has recently ventured competitively into space tourism and Musk often talks about the importance of making mankind “interplanetary,” especially if Earth becomes uninhabitable.

Granthshala News’ Brie Stimson contributed to this report