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A Wisconsin police department has released footage of a shooting by an officer, injuring a policeman and killing a suspect, to highlight police bravery and the dangers they face while protecting the community .

“In this video you will see what kind of danger police officers face every day. You will see their bravery. Their valor. Their commitment to this community,” Police Chief of the Greenfield Police Department, Jay Johnson, said in a video showing the scene.


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Video showed an officer being shot at point-blank range by a suspect, who was later identified as Tyrone Lamb, 31, of Milwaukee, after running the red light. The suspect eventually died near the scene, and the officer was released to recover from his injuries.

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This incident is one of the many threats that the police are facing daily across the country.

Law enforcement officials say Traffic stops are one of the most dangerous Encounters with police can occur, with police often navigating situations where they find drugs in vehicles, approaching drivers or passengers with warrants, and approaching vehicles with tinted windows. In 2019, FBI statistics show that one in eight officers died during a traffic stop.

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For example, during an Illinois traffic stop during the summer, an officer was seen assaulted on dashcam footage, repeatedly hit in the head and strangled to the point that he “decreased his ability to breathe.” “Was lost.

Another traffic stop in February fatally shot a Virginia officer before leaving the patrol vehicle.

Officers are also facing attacks on police ambushes, which the National Fraternal Order of Police said have increased by at least 91% in June this year compared to 2020.

The group warned against “an increase in violence against the brave men and women of law enforcement”.

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In one such attack in Florida, Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey said two of his representatives were operating a traffic stop before a suspect was attacked and shot on August 30.

“Attack and Ambush [were] Offenses by a violent, career criminal with a history of 40 charges for offenses including drug trafficking, aggravated assault while discharging a firearm, battery on a law enforcement officer, and attempted first-degree felony.” Ivey said.

The incident lasted for about a minute and resulted in the death of the suspect and 61 rounds of firing.

“No doubt about it, this man got what he deserved,” the sheriff said. “And for those who may be foolish to ask why we shot him so many times, the answer is simple: evil can never be enough.”

Louisiana Master Trooper Adam Goubert was shot and killed Saturday in what police described as an ambush.

A statement on the agency’s Facebook said, “Trooper Gaubert embodied honor, duty, selfless service and courage in what he stood for. In the days to come, we will mourn his tragic death and our Department and the citizens of Louisiana will honor his service.” The page reads. “At this time, we ask that you please respect the privacy of Trooper Goubert’s family.”

Police across the country are also currently grappling with staffing shortages, which various officials have partly attributed to the anti-police sentiment that swept the country amid protests following the death of George Floyd last year.

“Police are being maligned across the country, portraying them as racist occupiers, just going like an occupying army, trying to disrupt communities when it is the exact opposite. . They are being demonized and maligned by politicians,” said ngel Masonet, a 22-year veteran of NYPD said “Granthshala and friends” in April