Woman accused of stabbing husband told 999 he was ‘bleeding to death with any luck’

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A 66-year-old woman who stabbed her husband of 24 years three times told a 999 operator, “I thought I’d get his heart, but he didn’t get one”, a court has heard.

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Penelope Jackson stabbed her husband David, 78, in the kitchen of their home in Borough, Somerset, on February 13 this year.

On Monday, the day before her murder trial at Bristol Crown Court, the jury heard Jackson told 999 call handlers that her husband was “bleeding to death with no luck”.


The victim managed to call emergency services, saying that his wife had stabbed him, and could be heard screaming in pain as Jackson allegedly put the knife inside her for the last time.

Jackson handled the call himself, and calmly told the call handler: “I have killed my husband, or tried, because I have had enough.”

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When asked where he was, he replied: “He’s in the kitchen, bleeding by any luck.”

Jackson repeatedly refused to help the victim when the 999 call handler asked her to take steps such as putting pressure on the wound or throwing a towel to try to get the blood flowing.

Prosecutor Christopher Quinlan QC said: “(Jackson) was calm and determined and probably resigned in places and, in his words, not mine, ‘compose mantis’.”

In an 18-minute phone call as police and paramedics were on her way to the scene, she said: “I thought I’d find her heart, but she didn’t get one, then twice her stomach.”

She said: “Her stomach is b*****ed.”

Mr Quinlan said: “(Jackson) will admit to (Jackson’s) unlawful manslaughter or his murder, but she denies her guilt, responding properly to her murder.”

In the call, which was played out in its entirety to the jury, Jackson can be heard calmly telling the operator that her husband is “moaning on the kitchen floor”, adding that “he has some holes”.

When asked to give her a clean dry cloth, she replies: “I’m not helping her, the paramedics can help her but I can’t.”

Jackson tells the call handler that he stabbed her because “he thought I couldn’t go through with this”.

She adds: “She’s a total s**t.”

The defendant then says, “He is entitled to whatever he receives”, “I will accept everything that comes my way”.

“I’ll end up in jail, which is better for my life right now,” she says.

When the call handler tells her “could you try and stop the bleeding because we don’t want her to die”, she replies “I do”.

After her arrest, as she was being driven away in a police car, she told officers: “I know what I’ve done and if I didn’t do it properly, I’d get really angry.”

The court heard that the victim was Jackson’s fourth husband and he was his third wife, and they married in 1996.

The defendant had served in administration and accounts in the Royal Air Force and later in the military, where she met a victim who had worked from private to lieutenant colonel.

The couple had lived in Germany and France before settling in Somerset, and their friends called them happy together.

One friend told police that their relationship was “nothing normal”, while another said: “they sometimes disagree and argue and fight, but it doesn’t last long”.

But in late December 2020, the police were called to his address after a dispute over the TV remote control.

The defendant told officers that she had locked her husband in his conservatory so that he could “calm down” but that he had broken his way with a poker from a wood-burning stove.

He claimed he was acting out of character after an operation to replace a battery in a deep brain implant used to manage a condition that caused his hands and limbs to tremble.

Mr Quinlan told the jury he would hear about the difficulties Jackson’s relationship faced, but added: “However, there is a difference between a relationship with some occasional difficulties and a relationship that is abusive and coercive and controlling.

“I use these words because these are the words Penelope Jackson used to describe her relationship with David Jackson — he was abusive, she said, he was controlling and he forced her.”

The trial, which is expected to last for three weeks, is ongoing.

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