Woman discovers she was being ‘followed’ with tracker hidden in her car

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A woman claimed she was being tracked by a stranger when she found an airtag under her car.

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AirTag is a recent Apple product specially designed for tracking keys or misplaced items with ease.

A woman has claimed that she received an AirTag . was being tracked withcredit: Tik Tok @_ashleyscarlett
he claimed he didn't have one

he claimed he didn’t have onecredit: Tik Tok @_ashleyscarlett

In a TikTok video, Ashley Scarlett showed off the airtag removed from her car, claiming: “I’m really shivering right now. Look what I found in my car, what I found in my car!”


She then filmed her friend’s phone, which showed she had detected an airtag nearby, and proceeded to show every stop she’s made in her car since the tracker was installed.

He claimed he didn’t have Apple’s tracking device because his cousin checked through the car to see if there was anything suspicious or wrong with it.

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in moment Video, Ashley revealed that she was hanging out with a friend when her phone informed them that there was an airtag nearby.

“That’s really how we came to know because it told us,” she said.

He then started showing screenshots as evidence that the same night his car was airtagged, as he said it was first seen with them around 7:34.

“It’s so scary and I never thought it would happen to me, but it happened and I’m afraid, I’m crazy. I’m going to go ahead and contact Apple because it gives me the serial number and phone number of the person.” The number tells, so I’m going to tell them what happened,” she said as the last update.

AirTag gave him the option of playing a sound so he could locate it, which he did and found it to be sitting on the back of his license plate.

“When I looked, it showed every place I went. I had contacted the police, but because it was a non-life-threatening emergency, I must go to the bus station.”

According to Apple Support page, “AirTag lets you easily track things like your keys, wallet, purse, backpack, luggage, and more.

“If you find one, learn to look up its serial number, help return it to its owner, or disable it.”

Additionally, Apple took measures to prevent situations like Ashley’s from occurring, claiming: “AirTag is also designed to discourage unwanted tracking. To discourage tracking without your knowledge, Find My will notify you if an unknown airtag appears to be moving with you over time.

“An AirTag that is not owned by the person who registered it for an extended period of time will play a sound when moved so you can find it, even if you don’t use an iOS device.”

he discovered it on the back of his license plate

he discovered it on the back of his license platecredit: Tik Tok @_ashleyscarlett
He claimed that his phone informed him that he had been tagged

He claimed that his phone informed him that he had been taggedcredit: Tik Tok @_ashleyscarlett

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