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A woman who drowned a 10-week-old puppy she found two years ago drowned in a pond in northern New Jersey and in a weighted cage, has been sentenced to six months in prison.


According to the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office, 49-year-old Tony Fee of Booneton should also serve five years of probation under the sentence imposed on Tuesday. He pleaded guilty in August to animal cruelty and was barred from owning dogs.

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The Fee admitted to submerging a female Golden Retriever puppy in Greenwood Pond, West Milford, in April 2019. Officials have said that Fei initially claimed the puppy was already dead before drowning, but eventually admitted that it died as a result of her activities.

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The non-profit, The Last Resort Animal Rescue, had offered a reward of $12,000 for information on placing ‘Jenny’ in a crate found by the pond.

“The official autopsy report confirms[s] That drowning was the cause of death,” the rescue wrote on Facebook. “Jenny was alive and deliberately drowned by this monster.”

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