His name is Anthony Rodriguez. He Was a “stunning father” and was usually seen as the “John Wayne” of the house before he died, his daughter, Joan Rodriguez, told Granthshala News.

Joan Rodriguez was not only one of her primary carers, but also while she was in a nursing home. And her time with him was abruptly reduced earlier this year, as more than 9,000 coronovirus patients in New York State were evacuated from hospitals in nursing homes.

A March 25 directive from the Cuomo administration denied nursing homes to people simply because they had COVID-19. The aim was to free up space in the hospitals that had been occupied in the early days of the epidemic.

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Anthony Rodriguez was one of about 15,000 nursing home residents who died after the order came into force.

Joan Rodriguez and her father Anthony Rodriguez (Joan Rodriguez)

Joan Rodriguez and her father Anthony Rodriguez (Joan Rodriguez)

Joan Rodriguez told Granthshala News, “They allowed me a FaceTime visit with my father because we couldn’t go in. And happened to me and my sister twice a week.” “That changed in early April.”

The Rodriguez family tried to contact the nursing home several times by phone, email and text, but no one could find it.

It was not until he came to know about the order, which effectively “created a war zone inside the nursing home,” she said.

Even before the epidemic, nursing homes faced inadequate staff and did not have adequate care, Joan Rodriguez said.

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“They trusted me and my sister to come in and help feed her, so that she could do simple hygiene, do things like gnawing her nails.” “I mean, we really did a lot in her care because they lacked enough staff.”

Knowing this, he said it is impossible to fathom why the order was implemented, calling it a “very harsh decision”.

The last time he saw his father from the emergency room was on FaceTime. He He died two days later on 28 April.

Grandson of Anthony Rodriguez, Iden.  (Joan Rodriguez)

Grandson of Anthony Rodriguez, Iden. (Joan Rodriguez)

“I was just feeling so helpless, helpless towards her,” she said. “He There was a lot, left a lot of his life.

She Described his father as a warm and welcoming man, who was calm, but “very, very strong-minded.” In fact, he was to go into an emergency.

Even on FaceTime, he always smiled and ended every conversation with “I Love You.”

It’s been almost a year since Joan Rodriguez and her family lost the epidemic. However, they are still struggling “being denied the right to know what happened” and why.

“There’s really no closure,” he said. “When you finally find out about the mandate that possibly thousands have died … it is inconceivable that our government can do this.”

Even after her father died, the nursing home did not answer her questions, she said.

“In fact, they blew it,” she said. “And the only thing they had to tell us was’ when will you be able to carry your father’s luggage?”

The decision was “irresponsible and it is unacceptable” said Joan Rodriguez. He hopes that those responsible are ultimately held accountable.

“[It’s] Some things need to be brought out in the open and people should be held accountable.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.