WWE Elimination Chamber 2021: 5 possible finishes for Shayna Bezler and Nia Jax vs. Bianca Beller and Sasha Banks

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    The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship will take place at the Elimination Chamber this weekend when Shayna Bezler and Nia Jax defend against the mismatched team of Bianca Bellair and Sasha Banks.

    The SmackDown Women’s Championship between WWE Boss and The EST is expected to collide at WrestleMania, but currently, Jackson and Basler have two women as common enemies.

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    There are already many combustible elements in this match, as Basler and Jackson are already in NXT and feud with Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai. There is also the added issue that before the tag team championship match was announced, Reginald was the one who won over Nia Jackson on SmackDown.

    Also, Lana and Naomi can make their presence known, as they have already won a future match for the tag team championship on Raw.

    Who will exit the Elimination Chamber with the Women’s Tag Team Championship two years after the title was officially unveiled? Here are five possible finishes.

    # 5 Shaina Bezler and Nia Jax retain WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship in Elimination Chamber

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    Shayna Buszler and Nia Jax took advantage of Lacey Evans’ participation in their match at the Royal Rumble, to take back her women’s tag team championship from Charlotte Flair and Asuka.

    Recently two women on WWE TV became a joke. She is pinned by both Lana and Naomi, and recently Nia Jax became a viral trend due to her lively outbreak on Raw.

    Besler and Jackson were on all three WWE shows last week and are following the rules that come with being the Tag Team Champions. The fact that women currently have a lot of enemies may mean that there is a multi-man match building for WrestleMania. This can only happen when Nia Jax and Shaina Buszler are on the same page.

    Banks and Belair clearly have their own issues and, if they do not co-exist, the current champions can once again take advantage and retain their championships. As mentioned, the match has many flammable elements, but going forward, the title story at this year’s WrestleMania would matter the most if Jackson and Beazler remain WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.


    Published on 21 February 2021, 18:49 IST

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