Wyatt Russell asked to wear Chris Evans’ old Captain America suit for ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’

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    He It was also revealed that he had not clashed on the MCU before joining the show

    Falcon and Winter Soldier Star Wyatt Russell has revealed that he asked to wear Chris Evans’ old Captain America suit to help him land the role.

    Russell plays the new Captain America in the new Marvel TV show on Disney +, which is airing weekly episodes.

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    Speaking on Jimmy kimmel live, Russell reveals his specific request, telling Kimmel: “I requested an old lawsuit from Chris Evans to make me feel like I was doing a good job because he did such a good job. And they gave me a new one . “

    He Added: “It’s a presentation in effect … and I’m like a dull man, so it’s like the lock of the first piece [straight up] And the second piece is up and locked [in] Like that. You’re under the suit, but it looks good. “

    Elsewhere in the interview, Russell reveals that despite his dad Kurt appearing Guardians of the Galaxy 2, He had no knowledge of MCU before being cast in the new show.

    “When I came on the set, I was like, ‘What does this mean?’ Who is that person How do they fit into it? And finally, Sebastian [Stan] It was like, ‘Man, stop asking questions. You are getting more confused. If you get an answer, it will be worse.

    Elsewhere, the show’s author Malcolm Spellman has teased potential crossovers between Marvel film and TV projects.

    Speaking on the new Disney + series with NME, Spellman said that the four stages of the Marvel Cinematic Universe can become “interchangeable” to the characters.

    In a four-star review of the first episode of Falcon and Winter Soldier, NME Wrote: “Intense, fun, and packed some tremendous action sequences with the full potential of the character, The falcon and the winter soldier A flight is off to start. “

    Falcon and Winter Soldier Streams every Friday on Disney +.

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