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16 year old girl Wyoming he was arrested on thursday School When he refused to wear a mask on the school grounds, he and his father said.


Grace Smith, a junior at Laramie High School, told State Sen. Anthony Bouchard, R-Cheyenne, In an interview posted online, that the police handcuffed him for trespassing after being suspended for not following the school mask order and refusing to leave the school grounds.

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Blacksmith recorded video About handcuffing himself, which his father Andy Smith shared on social media. The video shows that the conversation between Smith and the police officers was polite.

“When asked if they were arresting him? [not wearing] His mask, they’d say, ‘No, we’re arresting him for a breach of his trespass in complying with their trespass ordinance,'” Andy Smith told Bouchard.

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Smith said he faced three separate two-day suspensions for refusing to wear the mask and a $1,000 fine for refusing to leave campus, saying he had to go to school grounds to continue his education. had the right to live in

She described herself as “a straight-up student” who “never broke the law.”

“I would never like to do anything wrong, and I’ve never seen myself sitting behind a police car, handcuffed,” Smith said.

Smith’s arrest led to a “brief lockdown” to “prevent further disruptions to academic learning”, the school said in a statement. laramie boomerang.

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When the newspaper asked school officials how many students were suspended for refusing to wear a mask, a district spokesperson quoted the school’s statement as saying, “The school district does not comment on matters of student discipline. “

The newspaper reported that the school district approved a mask requirement on September 8, making it mandatory for most students to wear masks in all buildings and buses. The mandate was due to expire on October 15, but officials were to meet on Wednesday to revisit the plan.

Upon his refusal to comply with the school’s mandate, Smith told the newspaper that people “abused him” and that some of his best friends “won’t talk to me.” She said that some teachers and parents have also discriminated against her.

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Smith tells Bouchard that she has been made “unwelcome by the school system” and is “stressed” to fight the school’s mask mandate.

“Right now, I should be playing sports and having fun,” she said. “And instead I am fighting for rights that were to be won hundreds of years ago.”

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