Xbox thinks about forward compatibility as it develops games for the future

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“Not only do we want these games to be playable, we want them to be playable and better in more places than ever before”

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Jason Ronald, director of project management for Xbox, discusses the failures of backwards compatibility and how it will make games for the future now.

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Xbox released 70 new backwards compatible games this month as part of its 20th anniversary celebrations, but it also disappointed fans when it announced that it would be the last group of games from Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One to go into this plan. is coming.

On the Iron Lords podcast, Jason Ronald, one of the senior members of the Xbox team, explained why Xbox can’t bring more older games to the current generation and how Xbox will consider further adapting its games in the future.


“The game preservation team is in the DNA of Xbox and I think the cloud is an interesting landscape because I was talking to someone earlier this week and trust me, when someone was writing an Xbox 360 game or an OG Xbox game… So they certainly weren’t thinking that 15, 20 years in the future this game is going to be running in a data center that’s being streamed to a mobile device.”

Ronald lamented that it had become impossible to bring every game into the Xbox Series X/S. “We have this great library, we have this great catalog of games from our past and it’s really about how do we enable more people to play these games. – We don’t just play these games. playable, we want them to be able to play better in more places than ever before.

xbox series
Xbox Series S. credit: Microsoft

He also explained how the company has taken this experience and its failure to reproduce its library, and changed how it will be developed for future consoles.

“I have had experiences in my past where we wanted to rebuild a game like ten years ago and we don’t even have those equipment anymore. We want to go back and grow them and remodel them, and I think as an industry we’ve definitely learned a lot and heard a lot from the community and the things the team has done. What’s talked about is how we build these games with a vision towards 10, 15, 20 years in the future. So there’s a lot of opportunity here and the team has a lot of exciting things they’re working on. ,


“There are some sports where we haven’t been able to overcome some of these obstacles, but we’re trying to take those learning experiences with a future look.”

In other news, Dreamer Dr. Disrespect has broken his controller after becoming disheartened over perceived failure. hello infinites Target assist feature.

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