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    Despite her tearful reunion during husband Bobby’s funeral, Jill Zarin Real housewives of new york city He is not in contact with Bethany Frankel.

    Bethany Frankel and Jill Zarin were seen departing from Bobby Zarin’s funeral. Gotham / GC Images

    “No I do not have [spoken to Frankel], ”Said Zarin The Take on Aamir Yasai Podcast. “But I heard something strange. I heard he was here on New Year’s Eve with Sigi Flickr, I think. And he was in the same community in which I live. And he is dating the same guy, who lives in the same community my parents live in. ”

    “Which is weird if it’s true because you think he might have said hello,” Zarin said. “But you know, that’s what it is.”

    Bethany Frankel shares that she has not seen Jill Zarin after Bobby Zarin’s funeral

    Host Aamir Yasai asked if Frankel and Zarin shared on the show during the funeral. But Zarin refused to answer the question. “It’s not really in time and place,” he replied. “It’s done and it’s over.” It is what it is.”

    Frankel appeared Look what happens with Andy Cohen In September and behind Zarin’s vocalism it seemed that they are not really in touch. Host Andy Cohen asked Frankel about their friendship status.

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    “I been there [to her house] shortly thereafter [Bobby’s funeral] To introduce him to Brian, but I haven’t seen him since, “he said, Bravo The Daily Dish Report. “She Texts me so often. I think she [texted] Jewish New Year’s reason for me. But we do not see each other. “

    “But it’s good. Like, if I see her, I won’t hug her because it’s COVID, but I’d hug her if it wasn’t an epidemic, “said Frankel.

    Jill Zarin admits that she was shocked when she was fired

    Zarin also opened up about how she left. Raunak. When she was eventually fired, she shared that she leaves when the producers won’t answer her about her future. “At the time I wasn’t feeling relieved, I was angry,” she said of leaving the series. “I had given up because I have terrible ADD and anxiety and all this stuff, which was really all I never diagnosed.”

    But she says that Bobby Zarin had recently got cancer and wanted to travel. So Zarin said that she pushed the producers to respond so the couple could plan. “[Producers] Didn’t decide they were doing another season, “she showed.

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    “Which is fun after 13 years now.” Adding, “Although I felt they were and even though I thought I’d be back I needed an answer because we wanted to book a three-week trip if we weren’t.”

    Since the producers could not answer him, he left. “I didn’t really mean that,” he said. “So I never followed it and then they fired me. I don’t know why I was surprised, but I was surprised. ”

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