Ye praised Hilter, used antisemitic rhetoric in the workplace as far back as 2018, employees say: Report

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The six people he worked with saw him “over the past five years” spewing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and praising Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, NBC News report, Star, formerly known as Kanye West, also paid a settlement to a former employee According to the outlet, which claimed that he used anti-Semitic language in the workplace.

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In a report published by the outlet on Wednesday, you paid an undisclosed amount to a former employee who allegedly “saw more than one incident in which you praised Hitler or the Nazis in business meetings.” NBC did not disclose the year of the settlement.

You denied the person’s allegations in the agreement. USA Today has contacted Ye’s attorney for further comment.


According to NBC News, the former employee spoke on condition of anonymity due to a previous non-disclosure agreement.

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Jewish conceptual artist Ryder Rips, who worked with Yeh between 2014 and 2018, said according to NBC News that there were several instances during the summer and fall of 2018 in which the rapper shared these conspiracy theories, as well as ” Spoke positively about Hitler and the Nazis.”

“It’s dangerous and disgusting and really violent,” said Rips, who did not initially describe Ye’s remarks as “dangerous.”

“What’s happening with this pattern and it’s all doubling and tripling, it’s pretty clear that this is some kind of disgusting, disgusting, weird Nazi obsession.”

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The rapper-turned-fashion-designer began attracting public scrutiny of his anti-Semitic comments after he sent out a tweet last month that read “Jewish people on Death Con 3,” an apparent reference to the US military readiness status scale called Known as DEFCON.

In the same tweet, which was later deleted by Twitter, he said: “You guys have played with me and tried to black ball anyone who opposes your agenda.”

You later doubled down on these comments in interviews with Chris Cuomo and Piers Morgan, though he told Morgan he apologized for the “hurt and confusion” caused by his initial tweet. “Hurt people hurt people, and I get hurt,” he said at the time.

Several major brands including Adidas, Gap, Foot Locker and Balenciaga have broken ties with the Yeezy designer for their recent statements. The loss of Ye’s lucrative Adidas partnership alone has left him off the Forbes billionaire list.

“There is one line,” Ripps said according to NBC News, “(and) I really think he has crossed it with his current actions.”

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Contribution: Naledi Ushe and Marco della Cava, USA Today


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