You Are Being Watched: How Steven Spielberg Predicted Advertising Messages in ‘Minority Report’

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Wherever we go, we are being watched and recorded. We search for a particular item on our smartphones and boom, we start getting ads to buy more. The Future As Seen In Steven Spielberg minority Report It has already become common in our lives. Great science-fiction movies reflect our current world and speculate on what might come. And Steven Spielberg has directed some of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time.

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Steven Spielberg’s ‘Minority Report’ predicts mass media reach far and wide

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In 2002, Steven Spielberg married Philip K. Dick’s short story and pushed it to the near future of 2054. Precrime is a police department that apprehends criminals based on foreknowledge from three psychics. Tom Cruise plays the show’s lead John Anderton, who is previously accused of murder and runs away.

nearly 20 years after its release minority Report, the right to privacy is further reduced. Anderton is confronted by personalized commercials for Lexus, Guinness and American Express the moment he enters the subway station, and his retina is scanned by a computer. When he goes shopping on the Gap, the virtual representative gives a unique suggestion based on his previous purchases. Are the ads false? Does he need to buy everything that is given to him?

According to Steven Spielberg, Predicting the Society of the Future


Spielberg consulted several scientists while preparing the blueprint. minority Report. He wanted to show a possible future different from what was available in 2002. Technical designs, especially in the advertising world, have proven to be presentations.

The film explores the disappearance of privacy for the promise of security and convenience. We live in a surveillance state. The GPS in our smartphones tells us where we drive and what we buy. What a person said many years ago can come back to haunt them, including loss of employment.

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‘Minority Report’ explores free will versus determinism

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minority Report Examines the question of free will against determinism. What can happen; what can be done minority Report actually happen in the future? Is our future set or can free will change it? Are we allowed to choose? Or is it preset? As Max von Sydow’s character Lamar Burgess puts it, “We don’t choose the things we believe in; they choose us.”

minority Report Shows us how a surveillance state can have the power to control its citizens. It becomes a moral question. How much control do we have over what we see? Are politics and advertising affecting our work and experience? Are we susceptible to making impulsive purchases? We still have the ability to unplug. minority Report Ends on a calm and safe note with the main characters in detached houses, free of electronic surveillance.

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