Young Dolph and his rise with the Key Glock chart ‘Case Closed’

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    Last year, the young Dolph made the shocking announcement that he was giving up music to focus on his family life. But like many recent retirement announcements (Nicki Minaj, anyone?), It did not last long. Young Dolph makes a bang with his polished album Rich slave. Now, Young Dolph joins Keylock with their joint track “Case Closed” to turn on even more tunes.

    The song opens with a low, measured beat before the two rappers move towards success. “Went to sleep on the floor / Now freeze my jewelry box / F * a boat, f * a shop / Counting millions in a coat,” raps the young dolph in the hook.

    Before the song was released, Young Dolph adopted a clever way to promote its 2020 Rich slave LP Instead of going down the specific path of releasing album-specific merch (which they still did), the rapper left the Ancients by hosting a cheap fight with a Lamborghini Aventador as a prize. “Last week I walked into the garage to get on my 4wheeler and I looked at my Lambo and said to myself ‘Dolph U should give your avanter to someone and they should enjoy it. Cheap

    Listen to “Case Closed” above.


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