YouTuber creates first real-life rideable ‘Minecraft’ pig

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“Hamburgini” 20mph . lasts till

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A YouTuber has created the first real-life, easy-to-watch Minecraft The pig, which travels at up to 20mph and is controlled by a carrot on a stick.

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Electo, a 20-year-old college student from the United States, has created a fully rideable Minecraft The pig uses an infrared sensor to follow the carrot to a stick, which acts as its controller.


The pig, which Electo calls “The Hamburgini,” took just a few months to build and sport full 360-degree motion. To make the pig move, you just move the carrot in the direction you want it to go.

Using a camera that can track colors, the pig chases the carrot as you move it in front of it. It’s a clever piece of engineering – especially when you look at what it’s being used for. But the result is that the “hamburgini” move like pigs. Minecraft Play.

This is not the first Mojang project that Electo has completed. that has been created before a Working Minecraft Creeper and made his own imposter from the hit indie game, among us.

The pig itself was tested at various power levels, with 60% power consistently reaching 16mph. cranked up to 100%, the Minecraft The pig reached a top speed of over 20mph. Not bad for a pig… and with a little work, it can go even faster.

Electro puts the pig through its paces by running against friends and even going through a McDonald’s drive-thru. Unfortunately, the pig and its rider were refused. But it won a few races.

You’ll find the full video, as well as Elekto’s other projects, in their . but will meet Youtube channel.


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