YouTuber stages real-life ‘Squid Game’ with $456,000 cash prize

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Featuring red light, green light, dalgona challenge, tug of war and more

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YouTube star Misterbeast has staged a real-life version of the popular Netflix series squid game,

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Earlier today (November 25) Mr.Beast uploaded a video about the viral South Korean drama series, recreating the Netflix Original game. The YouTuber originally created . had shared his intention to host the real life version of squid game last month, and Share pics from set earlier this month.

In their game, 456 contestants competed in various competitions for a cash prize of $456,000. The first few rounds included games from the series, such as Red Light, Green Light, The Dalgona Challenge, tug of war and marbles – minus the death.


YouTuber. also included an additional round of Dadakji from the series, which was not an official part of the games prior to the Glass Bridge game. This was probably because by that time too many competitors had remained in the game.

The remaining contestants were treated to a meal of steak before moving on to the final game. In place of the nominal Korean “squid game” in the series, the final six contestants played several rounds of musical chairs until only one was left.

Every set built for each game in the series was simulated and recreated, from the indoor playground to the towing platform and even the competitors’ bunks. According to screen rent, it cost the YouTube star over US$2 million to complete the project.

Misterbeast first teased the project in October, just weeks after squid game had premiered on Netflix, and soon started gathering contestants from their TikTok followers. The YouTuber is known for his massive productions and absurd stunts which usually involve huge sums of money.


Earlier this month, squid game Director Hwang Dong-hyuk revealed that a second season of the hit series was now in the works. “There’s so much pressure, so much demand and so much love for a second season. So I almost feel like you leave us with no choice,” the producer revealed. AP News At a red carpet event.

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