Zach Wilson’s dad informed him of Jets press conference screw-up: ‘What are you doing?’

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Zach Wilson recounts what he said at that ill-fated postgame press conference after the Jets’ loss to the Patriots on Sunday and was about to board the team bus when his father texted him.

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“what are you doing brother?” Mike Wilson asked his son.

“I didn’t know what I said,” the 23-year-old second-year quarterback said Wednesday after being demoted to the third-string in favor of Mike White. “I let my emotions get the best of me and when we were getting ready to leave and my pop called me it took a while before I even stepped on the bus. He sent me a text and Said, ‘What did you say?’


“I was like, ‘I’m not sure.’ he sent [the TV clip] For me and right then and there I knew I had let my emotions get the better of me.

Wilson, after a miserable performance in a 10–3 loss to the Jets (during which he completed 9 of 22 for 77 yards), was asked if he felt the offense “let down” the defense. “No,” he said, before repeating, “No.”

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This sparked a storm of criticism for a player who is the captain of the team and the potential face of the franchise.

Zach Wilson apologized to his Jets teammates after expressing his feelings during a press conference following Sunday’s loss to the Patriots.
bill kostroun

Determined to set things right with his teammates, Wilson gathered the entire team together on Wednesday and addressed his teammates.

Speaking to reporters afterwards, Wilson looked serious and humble.

When asked when he realized he wanted to address his teammates, Wilson said, “The second time it was brought to my attention was what I said. I just wanted to get it right. In my stomach.” Was feeling sick. The way I handled things is not what a leader should do – especially the quarterback of a football team in that position.

“I had that sick feeling in my stomach. I just wanted to talk to the boys. That’s all I could think about the past few days — I wanted to have the opportunity to talk to those guys and really make it from the heart.” ”

Wilson’s words and his sentiment struck all the right chords, according to teammates.

Cornerback DJ Reed was one of the players Wilson spoke with on the team bus after the New England game.

Reid told The Post, “Zach talked to me after the game and said what he said and he apologized and said he didn’t mean it to be disheartening.” “He wasn’t trying to show defense. I didn’t take it personal. A lot of the boys didn’t take it personal.

“What he said today was very real; It came from his heart. It was very real. To say the least, she definitely sang her heart out. He’s a competitive guy who wants to get his starting job back, but at the same time he’s going to support Mike 100 percent. [White, the new starter) and be a great leader, because he is one of our captains.

“If he didn’t already have it, he definitely earned and gained everyone’s respect from what he said today.’’

Veteran defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins, like Reed another important voice inside the locker room, told The Post, “I think it speaks to the type of man and teammate Zach truly is, and that you can’t look at his one moment of frustration and saying what he said and think that depicts who he is as a man, as a brother, as a teammate. It meant a lot for him to do that, because he didn’t have to.

“But for him to stand up in front of his brothers, his teammates and to break it down to us and let us know where he was coming from, it means a lot going forward and we’ve got his back.’’

Jets quarterbacks Zach Wilson (2), Joe Flacco (19) and Mike White (5)
Jets quarterbacks Zach Wilson (2), Joe Flacco (19) and Mike White (5) at practice on Wednesday.
Bill Kostroun for NY Post

Linebacker C.J. Mosley, another team captain, said Wilson’s message to the team was “that he has to do better.’’

“He said he’s putting everything on him, that he’s going to get better and that he’s not here to be a backup,’’ Mosley said. “It’s not the first time or the last that a young guy said something in the media that they didn’t mean or they spoke on emotions. I didn’t have any hard feelings, but what he did do was speak the team and apologize, and he spoke the truth.’’

Safety Will Parks called Wilson’s talk “keeping it real and it showed accountability.’’

Running back Michael Carter, one of Wilson’s closer friends on the team, called it “definitely a big deal’’ that Wilson addressed his teammates.

“He’s a man first, and for him to speak his mind and what he had to say, it showed everyone on the team who he is,’’ Carter told The Post. “It was really cool to see, because people were bashing him that he’s not an accountable person, and that’s totally wrong. He’s an accountable young man and we’re in his corner.’’

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