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Of all the things that have caused traffic jams in Illinois, this was probably the least expected.

A pair of zebras block traffic after fleeing a pumpkin patch in Pingree Grove. Both of them roamed on a nearby highway several times and were also seen roaming in the nearby field.


Male and female zebras escape from a pen in Goebert’s pumpkin patch and apple orchard, The Associated Press Report. The animals were part of an indoor zoo exhibit.

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The animals were seen by drivers on Route 47 and near Interstate 90. Local law enforcement was eventually called to the scene to pursue the animals. Police blocked traffic in the area to prevent any cars from colliding with zebras and causing injury to animals or motorists.

The zebra was caught after a chase for about two hours. Zoo and Pumpkin Patch employees were able to track down the animals using all-terrain vehicles.

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The police had to stop the traffic for the safety of the drivers and the animals.

Two local residents, Carrie and Jason Shriver, spoke with Granthshala News about seeing zebras out in the open. They explained that they were going to Walmart when they saw something running in the fields. When they decided to follow the animals, they quickly realized they weren’t looking at the horses.

When the animals finally crossed the road in front of them, they were able to identify them as zebras.

“It was definitely a beautiful sight to see them run freely,” the couple wrote to Granthshala News. “I’m glad they’re safe but too sad to be in captivity. They seemed so happy to stretch their legs a bit.”