Zelensky brands Russia terrorist nation after uncovering mass graves

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After the graves of hundreds of Ukrainian civilians, children and soldiers were uncovered in the reclaimed area, Krenian President Volodymyr Zelensky labeled Russia a terrorist state.

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Investigators Search Through Mass Burial Site in Ukraine Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said there was evidence that some of the dead had been tortured, including bodies with broken limbs and ropes around their necks.

The site near Izium, which was recently withdrawn from the Russian military, appears to be one of the largest of its kind discovered in Ukraine.


Zelensky tweeted: “Russia is a terrorist country. I don’t know why the world is slow to recognize it. We liberated Izium. Over 400 graves found in the woods next to it.

“How many oppressed Ukrainians are unknown. How many more of us will have to die for it to finally be found out?


Zelensky spoke in a video that he passed out just hours after the excavations began, apparently to underscore the gravity of the discovery. He said more than 400 graves have been found at the site, but the number of victims is not yet known.

Digging in the rain, workers pulled the carcass out of sandy soil in a misty pine forest near Izium. Secured in a head-to-toe suit and rubber gloves, he felt gently through the decomposed remains of victims’ clothing, seemingly identifying objects.

Associated Press reporters who visited the site saw graves marked with simple wooden crosses. Some tombs had flowers hanging from markers, and some had people’s names inscribed on them.

Before excavation, investigators with metal detectors scanned the site for explosives. Soldiers tied red and white plastic tape between the trees.

Zelensky said hundreds of civilian adults and children as well as soldiers were found “tortured, shot, gunned down” near Izyum’s Pishchanske cemetery.

He cited evidence of atrocities, such as a body with a rope around its neck and broken arms. In another sign of possible torture, a man was found with his hands tied, according to Serhi Bohdan, the head of the Kharkiv police investigation, and Ukraine’s human rights commissioner, Dmitro Lubinets.

Izium was retaken in a retaliatory strike by Ukrainian forces in the east of the country, which this month have captured more than 2,000 square miles of territory occupied by Vladimir Putin’s forces.

Source: www.standard.co.uk

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